Forgotten Tears

Forgotten Tears

When Nina’s granddaughter was born still following a healthy, full term pregnancy, she found few resources for grandparents. Using her personal journal entries and professional knowledge of grief, she wrote “Forgotten Tears A Grandmother’s Journey Through Grief "

Reader comments:

You describe your heartbreak (and ours) with such raw and honest emotion. I was so touched. I read it from cover to cover, from the first dedication to the last entry, every word, period and comma. I could not put it down. I know that other grieving grandparents and parents will recognize all of their feelings, heartbreak and frustrations in your marvelous words

~ Margo Einsig, bereaved grandmother

A must­-read for  anyone who has had a loss or who knows someone who has had a loss

~ Aimee Alexander, RNC, perinatal loss clinician

An amazing resource for bereaved grandparents, but also for anyone touched by the death of a child….the bibliography in itself is worth a zillion!   

~ Kara Jones, Editor, A Different Kind of Parenting


It is such a therapeutic experience for me to be reading this book. All of my thoughts and feelings are there on those pages

~ Kathy, bereaved grandmother

Thank you so much for writing this lovely book. It is like you have a window into my soul. 

~ Toni, bereaved grandmother

A great addition to the library of grief books

~ Betty Ewart, Editor, A Journey Together, national newsletter of Bereaved Parents USA

Nina presents workshops on perinatal bereavement, family dynamics of grief, and the unique grief of grandparents at national conferences.