Dan's Notes

Dan's Notes



Remember if you change the styling for any of the fonts under the "Style and Design" page (not the little bar at the top of a text editor), it will change for everyone. That also includes page backgrounds, links, site title, and the navagation bar (Pat's page uses Header 3).



I tried to preserve as many of the links as possible from the old website, but so many of them no longer existed or went to broken links that I could not retain them all. All pieces of text that held the links are on the pages however. Also I was not sure how to organize them on the "Nina's Publications" page, so I did them in something non-traditional in hopes it would look better than just a simple list (I hope it does). Feel free to reformat the pages and delete this top text block as you like. (Also I added to your email link that if anyone clicks it, it will automatically open a new message for you in their local mail client, click it to see what I mean).


An image of yourself will need to be provided, as the one that was on the old website was way to small to recover and use. Additionally I added in spacers above the painting and the poem so you can adjust their spacing once you add the image in, since it will change according to how large the picture is (So it looks a little weird now). Feel free to delete this top text block.


I was unable to recover the old image from the website, so you will have to upload a new one. Additionally SquareSpace was not too kind about formatting Satori, so it looks very spaced out. You may just want to write it on a text editor, then save a screen shot of it to the page instead of the writing itself (Maybe there is a better way to fix it I am not sure). Feel free to delete this top text block when you no longer need it.


There was not much to your page, so I just tried to replicate it as it was, and added a link to Time were a changing. Feel free to edit it and delete this top text block when you want.


The first sentence looks like a run on, but then again I am not a prodigy english major. I tried to make it all pink, but it seemed to infect the rest of the site once you went from your page to another page until the website was reloaded (I am not a fan a squarespace). Let me know if you don't like the pink font and I can change it back